Supercat (Pouch)

Supercat pouch is made with high quality ingredients and nutritionally balanced with a great taste your cat will love. It also has vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to support your cat overall health, including the immune system, digestive system, urinary tract, skin and coat. Supercat pouch is created nutritionally complete and balanced for healthy cats with beautiful skin and coat in delicious combinations to satisfy even the finicky cat.

Feeding Guide :
Please serve on the basis of 1 pack / 1kg body weight. Recommended to feed twice a day.

Variants :
Supercat Adult Tuna Pouch
Supercat Adult Tuna & Prawn Pouch
Supercat Adult Tuna & Chicken Pouch
Supercat Adult Ocean Fish Pouch
Supercat Kitten Tuna Special Pouch
Supercat Kitten Tuna & White Fish Pouch
Supercat Kitten Tuna & Chicken Pouch
Supercat Kitten Ocean Fish Special Pouch

Available Size :




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