Cat Sand

Best In Show Cat Sand is environmentally friendly multi-purpose pet litter, made from 100% natural Australian BENTONITE-Scientifically formulated to form unique, highly absorbent granules which absorb and trap moisture and odors before they can spread. Hygienic for your pet.

Direction for use :
1. Cut pack and pour CAT SAND CLUMPING CAT LITTER into litter tray to a depth of around 50mm.
2. When your pets has used the tray, the litter forms around the pet waste into solid clumps. Which you simply remove hygienically with a litter scoop.
3. Top up the tray with CAT SAND CLUMPING CAT LITTER as necessary, to maintain depth between 30-50mm.
4. Environmentally friendly clumps can be disposed of by burying in compost to provide valuable nitrogen. Or simply place in a plastic bag and dump into your rubbish bin. Because you remove only the solid material, there is almost no wastage. Your CAT SAND CLUMPING CAT LITTER last several times longer than ordinary litters.
5. For maximum odor control, CAT SAND CLUMPING CAT LITTER contains a special fragrance, so it fresh at all the time. However, regular scooping of waste from litter will provide maximum odor control. Every 2 to 3 days is a good benchmark.

Variants :
BIS Cat Sand Apple
BIS Cat Sand Lemon
BIS Cat Sand Rose
BIS Cat Sand Lavender
BIS Cat Sand Jasmine
BIS Cat Sand Mocha
BIS Cat Sand Baby Powder
BIS Cat Sand Grape
BIS Cat Sand Mango
BIS Cat Sand Milk

Available Size :